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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Missing Someone

This is just a quote I found I wanted to share with those who lost a child, most especially the parent's of those who lost their children in Boston and in Watertown last week. Look up at the sky the brightest star is shining just for you.  God Bless!!

Online Scammers

Hello Folks! Today I decided I wanted to warn all of you out there that are trying or have tried the dating site craze that is going on out there. There are lots of them now, so people are there watching waiting to prey on someone foolish enough to fall for their tricks. I recently fell prey to such a scam by a man using the picture on his profile of someone else. The person who's picture was being used was rather well known, does a lot of blogging and news shows, I had checked him out so I thought it was legitimate, I was wrong, he asked for money the red flag that went up wasn't big enough I guess, I got the luggage stolen important papers and phone in luggage, needed a phone to get his contacts back from provider was the story, since I had checked him out I thought will alright I will help him out. We kept in touch, we were supposed to meet but something always came up. Anyway long story short never got paid back like supposed to then found out there was a web site of different people using the real persons likeness this was the first time his name was being used as well. So my warning is this do not under any circumstances give or send  money to people you meet online, or send any money to those letters you get in your email from Nigeria or Benin you will more often than not get scammed. I never thought I would get myself into trouble especially doing some research, but I did, and I would not like to see anyone else have the same problem. So please be safe out their. Until the next time be well!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time for a change!

I am just thinking I have a big birthday coming next week, yes folks I will be 50 the big 50!  Thinking what can I do to make a change, not coming up with any answers.  Well I did start taking online courses to get my Bachelors of Arts degree so I guess that is a change, never to late to finish school.  I was told I have a stranger entering my life and will own property if you believe that kind of stuff, I just did it for fun. So I guess it is a wait and see what 50 will bring.  I will have to remember to tell my family I love them more often that could be the change I make, you never know when you won't be able to do it again. Yup that's it I will try not to take for granted the people I love, and tell them I love them more often. That I think is one important change I can make.  Friends come and go but in the end family is all you have. That's all I have for today. until another time. Be well!

Monday, April 22, 2013


I have been neglectful and haven't posted anything in a little while, but I think the events of this past week gave me pause to think about the goodness of humanity. Good versus Evil so to speak.  We had 2 people set off bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing a 8 year old boy, 2 young women and a police officer. Countless others loss limbs many are still in the hospital.  What amazes  me is that some of the marathon runners having just run 26 miles ran a couple miles more to give blood, civilians running into harms way to help others First responders trying to stabilize and get victims to hospitals as quickly as possible and then the Doctors and Nurses and the several nearby hospitals that took care of the injured. The local, state and FBI who worked tirelessly to make sure they could track down the suspects before anyone else could get hurt or killed. The city of Boston who stayed strong through it all and followed the instructions of the police even if it meant staying in doors. I saw a picture in a local paper of a policeman bringing milk to a family who had run out because they were asked to stay inside.  No matter how sickened it made me that something like this happened again, it amazes me and reminds me that there is still a lot of humanity out there, and the City of Boston proved that last week. People still care for others and will put themselves in harms way for others. People will still do kind things for others. I am proud of Boston, they are Boston Strong.