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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Online Scammers

Hello Folks! Today I decided I wanted to warn all of you out there that are trying or have tried the dating site craze that is going on out there. There are lots of them now, so people are there watching waiting to prey on someone foolish enough to fall for their tricks. I recently fell prey to such a scam by a man using the picture on his profile of someone else. The person who's picture was being used was rather well known, does a lot of blogging and news shows, I had checked him out so I thought it was legitimate, I was wrong, he asked for money the red flag that went up wasn't big enough I guess, I got the luggage stolen important papers and phone in luggage, needed a phone to get his contacts back from provider was the story, since I had checked him out I thought will alright I will help him out. We kept in touch, we were supposed to meet but something always came up. Anyway long story short never got paid back like supposed to then found out there was a web site of different people using the real persons likeness this was the first time his name was being used as well. So my warning is this do not under any circumstances give or send  money to people you meet online, or send any money to those letters you get in your email from Nigeria or Benin you will more often than not get scammed. I never thought I would get myself into trouble especially doing some research, but I did, and I would not like to see anyone else have the same problem. So please be safe out their. Until the next time be well!